Virtual Youth Boxing Academy

Begins June 1, 2020

coach joe

The Youth Boxing Academy begins with YOU! We take one student at a time, secure their foundation, and allow growth individually within a small group! This multi-tiered boxing/fitness program is dedicated to enhancing the mental and physical characteristics of the participating youth ages 8 to 12.

If you are familiar with the format of a traditional martial arts school, then you will understand a similar structure. The major difference lies within the YBA system’s practicality and flexibility. Starting individually prior to a group workout setting, enables smoother transitions for our young boys and girls.

Athletic ability has little to do with the outcome of the program. Consistency, discipline, and the energy one brings to every workout are just a few of the qualities that breed success!

YBA virtual training is a great place to begin. Your first lesson begins wherever you are! In the convenience of your home perhaps?! It will provide the necessary tools for which to begin developing a solid foundation for future growth!

Homework! What you do on your own makes the most difference. We will provide you with structured activities away from class time to work on. We will visit those activities during our scheduled training sessions!

*No training equipment necessary for your first lesson!

Yours in health!
Coach Joe

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