Hello there. We are MAC Gym.

There are numerous fitness providers in the area, but there are NOT many "gyms." MAC is an authentic gym. Things are done differently here.

We are a gym that welcomes Coaches and Trainers. We provide the necessary amenities for your clients to achieve results. MAC is a Personal Training Hub promoting personal fitness! We welcome qualified independent personal trainers, fitness instructors and many other one-on-one coaching professionals! We promote YOUR business through OURS with an unparalleled training atmosphere that demands results!

It's not about membership cards with monthly dues and long-term contracts.

It's about your continuous improvement.
It's about reaching your goals.
It's about your happiness.

Flex Time Boxing

We understand how hard it is to commit to a fixed time weekly class schedule. For this reason we have created Flex Time Boxing.

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Open Gym

We have decades of experience helping athletes improve their performance, teaching people the art of boxing, preparing for bodybuilding & physique competitions, building kids confidence, and any other transformation and improvement you can imagine. Join us and be the change.

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Check out Coach Joe D’s fist-N-fitness Strength and Performance Protocol site which provides extensive performance training material, training plans, and “how to” video downloads to purchase for your convenience!

The fist-N-fitness program is a sister site for MAC Gym and although some of its programs material is shared with MAC Gym, the fist-N-fitness site programs, products and pricing all remain separate and do not reflect MAC Gym’s membership, personal training and other related item’s pricing.

Coach Joe D

Break through your barriers and achieve new found success with fitness tips and invaluable videos presented by online boxing and physical preparation coach Joe Divosevic

I was the person who didn't go to the gym because I didn't know what to do with the machines or free weights and didn't want to look stupid trying to figure it out... Thanks to Jane and Joe I now love my time at the gym, and know I want to make fitness a part of the rest of my life!
- Kirstie Fiorina

Adventures in Training With a Purpose

We host Adventures in Training With a Purpose three days a week. Click the image for more information.

Personal Training/Coaches Wanted

Click here for more information on using our facilities for personal training and/or coaching!


We've recently upgraded our facility with a new access system. Now a valid gym membership pass or scheduled appointment is required for access to the facility. Please call 724-933-4666 or check out our Open Gym page for assistance regarding membership and all program details.

We truly apologize for any inconvenience and value your interest!