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Personal Training

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We popularized this training option over two decades ago! Let our personal trainers responsibly "squeeze" every ounce of sweat from your human existence with this 30 minute workout. Our members and clients love this high value training option. Save time and money while safely losing body fat, gain lean muscle tissue, increase stamina and motivation. Build confidence and develop a reason to live a healthy lifestyle. All of this with your "very own" highly motivated and knowledgeable personal trainer/coach!

If you are undecided about beginning a personal training program with one of our trainers, then this option is for you! Because the minute you begin to contemplate the workout, it's already over!!! Fast and Furious. Tried and True...but never Trendy! #dingding

A competent personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals in a shorter amount of time than taking guesses on what will work well for YOU. This investment will often make it easier to accomplish goals. Train by yourself or with a second person (friend, loved one) for the same price!

Benefits of Personal and/or Two-Person Training

  • For Beginners and Advanced Fitness Levels
  • Scheduled Time for Accountability and Routine
  • New Techniques
  • Personal Attention to Form and Methods
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Programs Geared Toward YOUR Goals
  • Leave Your Comfort Zone Behind
  • Take It Up A Notch and Break Through Your Plateau
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There are a variety of ways that personal training can be instrumental in helping you achieve success with your fitness goals. Our training staff understands both the struggles and success that come with fitness. Taking a realistic approach to fitness training has always been our style.

Hiring a competent personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals in a shorter amount of time. Some like the fact that a scheduled training appointment will make it easier to accomplish their daily workout. Some like to learn new fitness techniques and treat this financial investment just like taking a college course. Others need motivation and positive reinforcement to keep them on track, and some just need a little "bump" in their existing routine to break out of the inevitable plateau.

Many people are uncomfortable with the whole fitness thing, but may give it a try with the proper guidance. One great reason, and one in which we have much experience, is that of building confidence. The confidence that can be gained through challenging your personal limitations speaks volumes when it comes to emotional development. Our personal trainers are qualified, certified and most importantly experienced in this realm of fitness.

Meet Our Trainers
  • Training Packages
    • 1 Hour Sessions
    • 1 Session - $75
    • 5 pack Sessions - $350
      Expires 10 weeks from start of the package
    • Baker's Dozen - $845

      * Includes 13 (1 hour) training sessions and a 3 month MAC open gym membership (boxing classes not included).
      ** Expires 3 months from purchase date.

    • 45 Minute Sessions
    • 1 Session - $60
    • 10 pack Sessions - $550
      Expires 20 weeks from start of the package
    • 20 pack Sessions - $1,025
      Expires 30 weeks from start of the package
    • 30 Minute Sessions
    • 1 Session - $40
    • 10 pack Sessions - $350
      Expires 20 weeks from start of the package
    • 20 pack Sessions - $650
      Expires 30 weeks from start of the package
    • For all packages
    • TANDEM Training: Bring your training partner for an extra $10 per session
    • Print and sign the waiver before you come
    • Personal training packages are non-refundable, but some are transferable!
  • Gym Hours
  • Monday thru Thursday
    5:20 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday
    5:20 am - 2:00 pm
  • Saturday
    7:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Sunday
    By appointment only

Personal Training Buffet

Because of our versatility as fitness instructors, we offer a wide variety of options with our personal training. You can design your very own personal training buffet workout by simply choosing from a variety of MAC Gym specialized fitness programs. For example, you might want a little boxing with a splash of flexibility training one workout, and then you may want to do some strength training with a side of metabolic conditioning the next workout. We are here to make your fitness goals a reality! That is the advantage of hiring an experienced, versatile personal trainer.

The trainers at MAC Gym exhibit such humility and patience that you often forget you are working with world class athletes. These aren’t people who took a weekend seminar. These are people that have dedicated their lives to developing a comprehensive understanding of their specific disciplines. And that dedication shows in their ability to effectively train their clients. You can’t find this elite level of training at any other facility. The trainers at MAC Gym are truly some of the best in the industry.
- Greg Scheuring