Boxing Express

Boxing Express is the perfect fitness boxing workout for those that need a little flexibility in their weekly workout schedule and have limited time for a workout! This quality 30 minute workout has some flexibility!

How It Works!

Look below at our boxing workout schedule. You can begin your boxing workout ANYTIME within the first 30 minutes of any scheduled class time. Our experienced boxing coach will get you started with a warmm up and push you through every workout station round by round.

At a Glance!

We are big on our coaching craft. Our instructors expect immediate results! Visual learning is one of the best forms of education. We find that one of the most effective tools used in our boxing instruction is comprehensive video analysis. It allows the student to step away from the action and "realize" the coaching cues that our boxing instructors have demonstrated. It makes for a more productive training session and gives the student a great take home reference to immediately refine their boxing skills.

joe and student

Experience one of the most practical training modalities to elicit an increase in performance. You will see enhanced sports performance, confidence, weight control, and stress relief. The psychological and physical advantages you will gain will be second to none.

Benefits of Boxing Training

  • Increase Coordination and Balance
  • Improve Stamina
  • Increase Hand and Foot Speed
  • Blast Fat and Maximize Workout Efficiency
  • Have a Great Time
  • Build Confidence

Here at MAC Gym we open the doors to boxing for everyone OF ALL AGES AND GENDERS. From fun group FITNESS classes to sparring DRILLS, AND EVEN COMPETITION PREPARATION FOR AMATEUR AND PROFESSIONAL BOXING. There's an opportunity HERE FOR EVERYONE. Check out our various offerings below to see what best fits your goals. 90% of our students do non-competitive boxing for fitness.

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There are not many boxing programs that are as diverse, and which can offer various forms of boxing training to cater to one’s specific needs. All of our instructors have a thorough background with competition, and they are fully aware that not everyone wants to get in the ring and “compete” as a boxer. Our instructors also have a sound background in the field of physical fitness. We are here to help you achieve these individual goals in a safe environment. Please be aware though that this is not a “kitty cat petting”,”tiddlywinks playing” form of training. You WILL learn how to box!

two people sparring
  • Boxing Classes
  • Monday
    6pm - 7pm Boxing/Kickboxing
  • Tuesday
    6pm - 7pm Youth Boxing Class (Ages 8 - 12)
  • Wednesday
    5:30am - 6:15am
    6pm - 7pm
  • Thursday
    6:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Saturday
    10am - 11am
  • Don't see a class time that works for you? Bring some friends and create your own group at a time that works
  • Monthly Membership
  • $150 per month Unlimited Boxing Classes
  • Includes Open Gym
  • Unlimited boxing classes
  • Membership renews every month automatically. Thirty (30) day notice of cancellation is required for this option along with credit or debit card monthly transaction.
  • No refunds or freezes for monthly gym memberships
  • Print and sign the waiver before you come into the gym
  • Boxing Express
  • $99 per month unlimited classes
  • $23 drop-in fee
  • New Member Special
  • 1 class $23
  • 3 classes $60
  • 5 classes $90
  • 10 classes $160
  • 30 classes $420
  • Receive $20 off if you sign up for 5 classes or more the same day
  • Packages expire 1 year from purhcase date
  • Print and sign the waiver before you come into the gym

Youth Boxing

Please contact Coach Joe D. for ALL details regarding the program or 724-933-4666

Boxing for Athletes

A program focused on boxing as a complement to sport specific training to enhance performance. An integrated sport enhancement training system which has been modified to safely incorporate effective combat style training tactics into a sport specific environment with the objective of enhancing both athleticism and on-field performance of the participant(s).

This system can be used in conjunction with previously planned off-season sports training programs to further increase the athlete’s ability to handle the mental and physical stresses of the upcoming season. BFA is designed to accommodate and promote both team building and individual sports preparation. Modified boxing and combat style training techniques will have great transfer to performance if administered in the correct dose, as we have seen with our athletes.

Why Join This Program?

Understanding the distinct demands that embody individual sports, while also considering the off-season training cycles of these sports enables BFA to adequately structure each program to fit the desired goals of the coach and athlete. Our instructors are SCCC, CSCS, USAW, and USA Boxing certified, they have also competed at the professional level in boxing and other combat sporting events. Our instructors have extensive backgrounds in pre-teen, high school, collegiate and professional strength and conditioning programming for a wide array of sports. BFA can be implemented for individual athletes and large team settings. We can perform the instruction at our facility or the one most convenient for you!

MAC is not your typical gym. It is the anti- big health club atmosphere. I have belonged to a number of gyms over the years, ranging from large to small; chain and privately owned; and MAC is by far, the best experience I have had. The people are great. No egos, because it starts with tone set by ownership, Joe and Jane. They do not make you commit to long term contracts because they know once you try MAC Gym, you will stay a member. Joe and Jane know everyone by name. They care and help you reach your goals. My only regret is that it took me so long to try the boxing program. I never knew getting punched in the face could be so much fun.
- Brian Danley

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