Train. Compete. Win! is a physical preparation and sports enhancement membership at MAC Gym for the high school and collegiate athlete.

With this membership you can expect:

  • Access to MAC gym during designated times for sports performance.
  • Hands on access to a performance enhancement engineer during designated gym hours. Access via email during off hours.
  • Engineered program designed specifically for the individuals strengths, weaknesses and sports needs.
  • Movement screen and other performance tests performed and kept as a measure of improvement or to find out what the athlete needs to develop.
  • Post workout nutrition provided per session.
  • Dedicated study room for athletes to do school work

It doesn’t matter your sport. Mobility, strength, speed/agility and the ability and understanding of how to apply force are needed in all athletic endeavors. Start your Journey to excellence here at MAC gym.

  • Train. Compete. Win! Classes
  • Monday - Thursday
    3:15pm - 6:00pm
  • Membership
  • $275 per month*
    This breaks down to just over $17 per class
  • * Membership renews every month automatically. Thirty (30) day notice of cancellation is required for this option along with credit or debit card monthly transaction.
    * No refunds or freezes for monthly gym memberships
  • Print and sign the waiver before you come into the gym