Sports Enhancement

Why Personal "one-on-one" Sports Training? Because the last time we checked, every coach here, has only two eye balls in their heads. It is virtually impossible for a coach, no matter how talented, to competently and safely oversee a group of more than 1 or 2 athletes concurrently! Our motto is "2:1".....2 eyes on 1 athlete!

Our Pledge as Coaches of Physical Training is to provide the athlete with the safest and most productive training atmosphere, so that they not only achieve increased athletic performance today, but also supply them with the toolsof training knowledge for future reference many years from now!

We understand the large investment which accompanies personalized training programs, and many athletes do not have the financial ability to train "one-on-one" with a coach with more frequency. Some athletes have alternate training accommodations and a place closer to home to perform additional workouts. Under these circumstances, we offer complete training plans to supplement your "one-on-one days" here at MAC!

Training an athlete for a specific sport is NOT a one size fits all approach. This is our specialty. This is probably one of the fastest growing fitness categories in the last several decades. Our sports preparation coaches have updated knowledge, accredited certifications and most importantly extensive backgrounds in this field.

We understand and emphasize that training an athlete and training an athlete for a specific sport is NOT a one size fits all approach. Training age, experience, gender, ability and injury history are just a few of the many important considerations for designing and implementing a training program for an athlete

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M.A.C. Fitness has Sports Enhancement Specialists who work with amateur and professional athletes during the off season to prepare them for in-season competition. We also modify these programs so that you can train throughout the season, helping to decrease the risk of injury during competition and practice. All of our trainers are working coaches, which means they are active with what they teach.

An athlete's training must include a year round conditioning process. A great injustice is done to the athlete who only partially conditions outside of their sporting activity on a yearly cycle. The coach must understand that training is a long term process and that the only change that should occur with the sport enhancement conditioning is the volume that accompanies this training. An athlete must vary the intensity at specific times depending on the sporting season. This fluctuation in volume of exercises allows the athlete to continually progress! For example, a basketball player plays year round in many instances, why? They do this to get better skilled at the sport. How should we expect to get bigger, faster, and stronger? We do this by training ALL YEAR LONG!!!

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  • Training Packages
    • 1 Hour Sessions
    • 1 Session - $75
    • 5 pack Sessions - $350
    • Baker's Dozen - $845

      * Includes 13 (1 hour) training sessions and a 3 month MAC open gym membership (boxing classes not included).
      ** Expires 3 months from purchase date.

    • 45 Minute Sessions
    • 1 Session - $60
    • 10 pack Sessions - $550
    • 20 pack Sessions - $1,025
    • 30 Minute Sessions
    • 1 Session - $40
    • 10 pack Sessions - $350
    • 20 pack Sessions - $650
    • For all packages
    • TANDEM Training: Bring your training partner for an extra $10 per session
    • Print and sign the waiver before you come
    • Personal training packages are non-refundable, but some are transferable!
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  • Monday thru Thursday
    5:20 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday
    5:20 am - 2:00 pm
  • Saturday
    7:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Sunday
    By appointment only