Independent Contractors, Coaches, and Fitness Instructors

Welcome to YOUR MAC Gym! Back in 1997 MAC started as an independently contracted personal training service which provided training to the local community inside and outside of local fitness establishments. In five short years, we expanded to our very own "brick and mortar" personal training gym with enough space to comfortably accommodate multiple personal trainer's and their clients concurrently!

We understand the demands placed upon a quality personal training business and the countless hours required to sustain a competitive service because we were once YOU! We know how it feels to hand over half of your hard earned hourly earning to the fitness club that has done little to aid in the promotion of your small business venture. And If you are a quality personal trainer, you probably added an element of comfort, energy and personality to that club which gave you little in return.

For all qualified trainers, we welcome your clients as if they were our own. We will assist in helping you gain future clients. We provide the equipment and support that you need to gain continued results for your present and future clients! We have a saying here at the gym..."mi casa es su casa" and we mean it!

If you're looking for a place to train your clients that feels like your OWN; if you're tired of doing the work and paying over half of your hourly training income back to a facility; if you want a place that supplies the equipment and provides the necessary amenities for your clients to achieve results, look no further! MAC is a completely furnished trainers heaven!

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