Mid-life Muscle

Mid Life Muscle is a program designed specifically for men.

This is the ultimate program where men can be men and bring out the best in themselves. No Experience Necessary. We teach you how to train or push you through your existing plateaus. There is NO other program like it and you will be glad you joined us! or your money back!

Mid-Life Muscle is about much more than just a great workout. We understand injuries, injury prevention, strengthening injured body regions and helping you maintain a workout regimen while you recover from injuries. We won't let you fail, or find an excuse to abandon your workout. One injured body part should not allow you to neglect the rest of you! Remember our goal is to get you feeling better about yourself both physically and emotionally!

Train with fellow like minded athletes, inside of an environment that represents college strength and conditioning across the country.

$250 per month gets you 3 workouts every single week bright and early at 5:30am Monday / Wednesday / Friday